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Marcia Craven, our President, grew up in the pottery industry. She traces her lineage through 11 generations of American Potters. She handles all orders and customer interaction.
Enrique is one of our most valued staff members. Simply because he can do most every job we have, from concrete production to batching the clay for handmade pottery. He is currently our production specialist for cement casting, Ready Rock casting and our potting mix division. He is a 30 year staff member…
Dal Burchell heads up the handmade division. As a potter for over 30 years Dal knows the ins and outs of pottery making. In the shop Dal handles all the pottery orders, and there production. He constantly is in close supervision of all aspect of the handmade pottery, from loading the turning pottery to loading a kiln. Dal is our main man when it comes to turning Huge pottery, he can turn earthenware pots that weigh in excess of 40lbs…and stand over 24 inches tall prior to firing. Absolutely amazing…
Our Finishing Department is headed up by Clara Arteaga. Who had been with Craven’s for the past 16 years, and has been doing a wonderful job... She makes sure that all products are correctly finished whether it is a concrete lion or a fiberglass planter. She is also involved in the research and development of new colors, and applications. Thanks Clara!!!!




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